There are a few steps you need to take to get an online business of your own going

The Process is simple. You need to:

  1. Get a product: Obviously, you need something to sell. Make sure it is something you are interested in and it is something others are willing to pay for so you can make profit for the time you spent creating it
  2. Get a sales site: You need a place where people can read about your product, and decide whether they want to spend their money on it.
  3. Accept payment: Once they decide to buy you need a way for them to give you the money and a way for you to deliver the the products.
  4. Create sales affiliates: Once you are ready, you need to get people to read your sales letter and order your product. Talking about the sales funnel, this is where the quick money is.


To set up a business that is automatic, you need a digital product. This has a couple of advantages.

Firstly, you don’t have to handle shipping. Everything can be done from where you have internet access. Trust the wonders of the internet where all the money is being made. You specifically can make your own wealth from the wonders of the internet.

Secondly, it allows you to satisfy the urge for for instant gratification. People are not used to buying something from someone thousands of kilometers away and getting it just quickly.

This is a powerful phenomenon. Emphasize this in your sales letter. Phrase like “Download now”, “Instant Access” all help to motivate the people to act


Everyone like convenience. Stick with digital product. Make it easy for people to order and easy for you to deliver the product. An ebook is a book that is in a computer readable format. This can be plain text, PDF, word doc, or even executable formats.

One of the benefits of ebook is that they can be completed quite professionally at very little cost, using the same tools the professionals uses.

Use simple words and make sure it it’s easy for everyone to read. You now have a marketable product.

Self-improvement books are huge sellers. And people who wants to get ahead at work and or business buys a lot of them. Sit down right now and make a list of the things you know how to do that other people get paid for doing.


Take a subject you know reasonably well, or one you would like to know well. Read a lot of article and some books on it. Write down questions that you will want clarified later. Make sure you understand the subject before you start writing.

Start with the basics and move up the ladder as you go through the subject. Then ask some experts for their opinions on the questions you need answered. Explain that you are writing a book on the subject and that you’d appreciate a short summary of their expert opinion. Thank everyone one that replies, even if they didn’t help you out.


Maybe, you know a little about a particular topic, but you know someone who knows a lot. Ask them to help. You could ask people to do interview. Just make sure they know the interview are for publication in a book you are writing for sale. Give them credit and a proper plug. Get their permission before you start to sell.


Would you like to have your own website? Figure out what it would take to accomplish that, then write a report on it. You could sell the report of your personal experience that would show in clear steps how to design a website and have it hosted.


All you really need is an idea for a product. You can have someone else do the actual creation of the thing. If you need me to write me to write your book for you, you can contact me on WhatsApp: +2348188029847, by SMS: +23408123585568 by eMail:

You may also want to consider offering someone a portion of the profits for helping you write the book. You may wish to get someone to do the writing for free.


There are many places on the Internet where you can get reprint rights to business related e-Books cheap. Yes, you can make some money with them, but you are likely to make more money if you own the product and have an exclusive right to it.


You want to sell: you need a store, right? Setting up a store online is easy. Thanks to sales funnel, landing page, woocommerce, and optimizepress.

There are a few parts that are critical and some that are just good ideas.


First, if your domain name includes the topic of the book, it helps people to find you in search engine. Second, it makes it much easier for people to remember your domain name in case they want to check it out later. A themed domain name is a Good Idea.


Get a professional image specifically, an image of your book cover or product. Using a cover that depicts the real world version of your product help your site visitors to connect with what you are selling. This can increase your sales dramatically often as much as 300%.

For example if you are selling eBook, a picture of a book cover helps make that point. If the product is audio, you’d use the picture of a CD. If it is a course a 3 ring binder and a pile of books would be the thing. For software, the common image is a large box designed to look like the boxes that Pro-grade software comes delivered in.

You don’t have to have this to sell but it does make a difference. It is worth the investment.

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