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There are a lot of ways to promote your products and services in the print media without having to pay money. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are operating. However, your publicity efforts should be planned out for effectiveness. How will people get to know you, your products or services?

As you are starting out in business you need to bring your products or services to the notice of the general populace. But it will cost you a fortune to do that. Is there any way out?

That is what I want to pass across to you. You can actually get a nationwide publicity for your products or services and save lots of capital that would have gone into ads.

As a matter of fact everybody needs publicity. In the words of Thomas Edison “Everybody makes money selling something to somebody”.

These are the same principles am using and the principles work for others equally.


Press releases are free and if they are genuine will always get the attention of the Reporter and Editor. You can issue a press release on just about anything: products introduction, promotions, inventions, increments, result of research, awards, etc. Most publications will publish it.

You can use press release to get the publicity you want free. There is a right way to write a press release

The cover letter should be a short note. On the sheet begin with the date, leave about two lines then write something like the attached material is new and should be of interest to the readers of your (Editor’s) publication.

The publicity release must must be properly written to receive desired attention. It must be double space typed and about half a page in length. PRESS RELEASE in capital should be the heading. Always post date the release. The release should have a story headline.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE in capital written from the left-hand margin, then the publicity story follows. Your letter headed paper is the best paper to use, but in the absence of that you can use a plain sheet.

Remember to type in capitals and underline, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. Immediately below type your name, address, phone number, email address and website but not all in capital letters.

Go straight to the point and highlight how your product or service is useful to the public. The Editor will call you if there is need for further information. In other words the Editor knows that your purpose is Free Publicity.

When an Editor uses uses your publicity release, always send a thank you note. Write your press release around your product or service. The person you send your press release to must see and understand how your product or service will benefit his readers.

Never send a release to an editor and call or write demanding to know why he did not use it, use it as you wrote it or only give you quick mention. If you do that they will never use your materials again.


You can maintain a column in newspapers, magazines and trade journal. All you need to do is to be an expert in your area. You do n’t have to be a journalist to maintain a newspaper column. A lot of people depend on specialized write-ups for information.

Every publication now covers so many areas and they are still willing to cover new grounds, an opportunity you can tap into. You can write in your specific area of specialization or you could write in general.

You can write for as many publications as you want as long as you can sustain it. You can write one article and it will appear in several publications at the same time or at various times. You can be a syndicated columnist.

The write-up may or may not attract payments from the publications. That is of no consequence for now. Your write-up is always accompanied with your, picture, phone number, email address, what a way to get free publicity.

Maintaining a column in a publication house may not come easy initially, but if you persist you surely secure one. You can start by just writing as a guest writer and from there prove that given the opportunity you can maintain a column.


Review is another way of utilizing free publicity in the prints media. You can send a complimentary copy of your product to the media house for review. Assuming you wrote a book, a copy of the book can be sent to a media house for review. Most times this review takes full page.


A press conference can be organized anywhere even in your home. And it is always free of charge. After you get your facts ready, you send invitation to the media houses and they will come to hear what you have to say.

If you maintain this one-on-one relationship with the pressmen, with time they will be the one to be looking for you to make comments concerning some certain issues.

The photojournalist will take pictures in this case your pictures or that of your displayed products and splash the picture in their publication.

People who are too busy to read easily could get information by mere taking a look at the picture in publication.


Interviews are free. You can bring yourself to be interviewed and this will give you free publicity. Learn how to use all these avenues and in no time your product or service will be known nationwide.

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